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Get excited.

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Other than looking good, fancy cubes, ice spheres and even crushed ice keep the drink cold. Smaller cubes have more surface area and therefore add to the dilution of the drink. We don’t want that. We may be having a great conversation with old friends or trying to finish cooking dinner and set…

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A few weeks ago, I went to the theater to see Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon with my brother Alex (for some reason we couldn’t convince his girlfriend or my boyfriend to join us). Here are the notes I took while watching, plus some drawings I made after! (Click on images to see ‘em larger)

• I just completely forgot the premise of the movie and said, “Why do the ALIENS look like CARS!?” Oops.

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Three things about Marco Arment


(and a couple things about you, me, and a metaphorical horse)

Yes. Long. Again. Deal. Thanks.

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Tumblr needs to display video thumbnails


I love Tumblr, but I almost never watch the videos people post. But I click on photos to see the bigger version all the time.

Video posts could really use a still frame to give you a peek at what’s inside.

Anyone else feel this way?

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Mike looked up from his glass of water, watched Elle ride the cold winds into the bar, and motioned to the bartender for a refill, a replacement. Confident that she’d meet him, Mike arrived thirty minutes late and sipped water to preserve his lucidity.

Elle appeared an hour late, made small…

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About three months ago, at my friend Leon’s reading, I read a story about something I did one summer, and then a few days later I got an email from a man who works at a movie production company. His e-mail said that he was at the reading and he thought there might be a movie to be made out of the…

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In the meantime, I’ll be over here skimming over hate mails and finding the hypocrisy in being called a miserable, lonely, friendless, immature, ignorant asshole who needn’t worry about using a stroller someday cause I’m undeserving of someone who loves me enough to impregnate me, by people who find deem me mean and judgmental. The good news is, I’m choosing not to take it personally. coughtryitcough. And instead of defending my integrity, intelligence, general understanding of stroller usage, sarcasm, sense of humor, and capacity for human compassion, I’ll simply state my opinion that if literal explanations were applied to every little questionable thing, then nothing in this world would have room to be funny. Sorry Jerry Seinfeld, airline peanut packages are small because planes have limited storage space.

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Wicked looking dog, man!

Wicked looking dog, man!

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